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Green beans trading

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 08:15


We produce green coffee beans from our own plantation but if the supply is not sufficient for our roasting needs, we buy also from some farmers the green beans we have been carefully selected.

One part of these green beans are sold as green coffee beans without going to roasting. To be elected as good for sale or roasting, all the processing stages follow very strict proceedings with  very strict standards and measures of our own.

These quality requirements are implemented strictly right from the harvesting of red cherries: only the reddest and so, ripest are picked up and the workers have to harvest minimum 3 times the same plot.

At the pulping and washing, very precise instructions are delivered to select the best cherries to be pulped, the time of fermentation of wet parchment and then the time of drying of  parchments on net-tables, cleaning out all parchment beans that are not perfect to obtain finally the most perfect and white parchment coffee. Then how to store, where to store before hulling out the parchment skins to obtain perfect size-sorted green beans to export or for going to roasting.


Even the dry method requires perfect follow-ups at any stage to minimize the non perfect ones. The non-perfect green beans will burn more rapidly than the perfect ones, spoiling so the whole lot of roasted coffee. All the post harvest processing stages must insure to obtain the best quality of green beans for final roasting. Only perfect green beans, used as raw material, could guarantee final best roasted coffee. 

This processing chart demonstrates our know how and our way of doing follow up of quality standards to impose at any stages, right from the beginning to the final roast of our coffee, and create so our coffee line. Only one part of this production is certified organic as we did not produce enough robusta and as the Typica is not planted in our own plantation, it must be bought from some individual farmers that are not formally certified.

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