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Lao Coffee History

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Sunday, 05 December 2010 08:56
Coffee was introduced in Laos in 1920... 

...during the French colonial rule.
Only Arabica of variety Bourbon Typica was planted but most of the coffee trees were destroyed by the rust disease just before World War II. To replace, Robusta was introduced then.

No progress until 1975, when were developed large scale state owned plantations. Cuban and East German experts reintroduced again Arabica (Catuai and Catura varieties). These farms were dismantled beg.90's and the lands redistributed to their former workers, nowadays small holders.

In 1992 a new variety of Arabica, the Catimor, rust disease resistant, was introduced and to now, most of Lao Arabica is of that genetical variety. Still persist some Typica and Catura...

In 1994 the Lao Coffee Association was created.

In 2010 the Lao Coffee board was created
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